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Beautiful Lips

Beautiful Lips



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Colose's lipsticks are moist and creamy, giving shine and shimmer to your lips. Most lipstick colors have matching nail polish color.


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Colosé face powder is so fine and transparent that it will give your skin a beautiful golden and velvety luster.

Perfect Lips
Beauty Soundbites
by E. Von Freudenberg

Have a too blue based lipstick?
Mix a dot of yellow concealer into your lipstick, or apply a yellow based loose powder on clean lips,and apply lipstick on top. There will be just enough warmth in the product to take the edge off a too blue shade.

Want to update your lipsticks to the new cool blue based tones?
Apply a navy blue eye pencil, or eye shadow on lips and apply your Lipstick on top ....just a little will do and you'll have a new shade.

A soft warm brown eye shadow applied on lips first will darken any too light shade.

Make your own deep lipstick color by mixing blue eye shadow and red blush on your lips. Apply a lip balm on top and you're set. The most fun part is that every time you try this, you can experiment and get a different version every time.

Use your shimmer highlighter sticks from spring/summer to highlight lipsticks. Apply on a clean mouth first, and then your dull lipstick on top. An instant frosted shade.

The color of the moment is the 'bitten' lip look. Just take your rosy blush and apply dry on lips. Apply your Vitamin E stick, or gloss on top with a lip blush. Gel cheek colors work great for this too.

A quick dusting of shimmering body powder or an iridescent eye shadow over the high points of the face, (cheekbones, chin, top of nose, eyelids, across forehead..) a quick day to night look.

A model told me this trick....she runs a Gold Shimmer stick through her blonde hair for instant shimmer and highlights, especially around the face.

Use a Concealer Pencil or concealer cream on your lips first, fill in, and then apply an old, dark lipstick. The concealer pencil lightens up the lipstick by about 3-4 shades....

Remember when Indian Earth was in? A warm brick eyeshadow is also the perfect all over color'..for lips, cheeks, eyes......a little lip gloss on top and you're off.

Find a blush brush that perfectly fits the size of the apple of your cheek when you smile. Anything bigger than that, and you'll get blush where you don't want it. You really don't need a huge blush brush for color. Those are meant for shimmery powders.........

Pick up your blush by lightly tapping the blush with the tips of the bristles. If you are sweeping the brush across the color, you'll pick up about 10 x more color than you need, and you waste alot of product. Just tap the ends of the bristles about 2-3 times onto the color. Shake off any excess. You should barely be able to see the color on the brush. Don't worry, you do have enough on.

When applying blush, don't "sweep" or "stroke" the color across the cheeks. You'll usually end up streaking the color on, and then having to go back to 'correct' and 'blend'. Instead, smile, and tap on gently going across your cheeks. By tapping the color onto the brush,and then tapping in onto the cheeks........ you'll avoid excess color, streaking and more. Tapping on blends the color for you and you can always add more if you want.

Color too bright? Swipe your blush brush across a Kleenex to clean off any excess, and then pick up some loose pwder. Sweep over and blend your blush into your skin. You'll get a softer, more 'real' look to your blush.

OOPS. Okay, you look like a clown, wrong color, too what? Easy! With a clean dry sponge, pick up a light layer of loose powder and 'erase' as much off as possible. Too bright or too dark? Take a slightly dampened sponge and clean off as much as you can. The water will pick up and 'dilute' the just may be enough to fix it and look ok. ----

CREDIT BYLINE: Article written by E. Von Freudenberg, Editor of The Beauty Newsletter: For a free subscription, email Ms. Von Freudenberg is also a top celebrity makeup artist whose work has been seen in Allure, W, Rolling Stone, Paper, Detour and many more. Von Freudenberg Ent. All Rights Reserved.

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