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Milk of Aloe Moisturizer

Moisturizers affect the appearance of skin by doing three things -- fighting dryness, balancing skin tone and improving skin texture. The moisturizing product achieves these goals by helping the skin absorb water and by filling in the spaces between skin cells to replace lost moisture


Girly Girl Geneva Milk of Aloe is a light non-greasy cream that can be applied at any time to stimulate and moisturize your face and neck.

Suitable for combination, aging and / or oily skins.

Recommended for young skin prone to acne.

120 ml / 4 oz.

Price: $24.00

Item No. 71240

Girly Girl Skin Care is formulated in Switzerland and Packaged in the USA unless stated otherwise.



Contains the remarkable properties of the aloe plant. Extracts of Aloe are used as ingredients for drugs, cosmetics and dietetics. Containing more than 200 compounds, Aloe Vera can reduce inflammation, stimulate the production of collagen and finally accelerate wound healing. Along with a vitamin compound rich in vitamins C and E, it refreshes, moisturizes and conditions.

Do You Know : Aloe Vera can be used topically for the treatment of sunburn, first and second degree burns, skin irritations or inflammation, mosquito bites, and rashes from poisonous plants.






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