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Serums contain fewer lubricating and thickening agents, like nut or seed oils. Most serums are water-based that eliminate oils altogether. The beauty of a serum is that most of the thickening fluid is eliminated, so what you're left with is a high concentration of active ingredients. Serums contain the most potent dose of anti-aging ingredients -- antioxidants, peptides, and skin brighteners.

Serums are great for people with oily skin or those who prefer a weightless feel to their skin care products. Serums have a non-greasy finish and they don't leave behind a sticky residue.

The liquid or gel-like texture of a serum can be a poor match for people with chronic skin conditions like eczema or rosacea, which weaken the skin barrier. For these people, serums may penetrate too quickly, causing irritation. 

Matrixyl Anti-Aging Lifting Gel
Matrixyl Anti-Aging
Lifting Gel

Paraben Free
Ginkgo Biloba Liposome Gel
Anti-Aging Ginkgo Biloba
Liposome Gel

Paraben Free
Alpine Herbal Serum Girly Girl Swiss Skincare
Alpine Herbal Serum

Girly Girl Geneva



Girly Girl Skin Care is formulated in Switzerland and Packaged in the USA unless stated otherwise.




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