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Girly Girl Geneva

Anti-Aging Restorative Night
Facial Cream

Anti-Aging Restorative Night Cream


Price: $38.00

Item No. 71560

Girly Girl Skin Care is formulated in Switzerland and Packaged in the USA unless stated otherwise.

Especially formulated for dry and/or mature skin. It is enriched with wheat germ oil and vitamin E which helps facial cell reproduction.

In mature and aging skin cell turnover and production of hydro-lipid film are reduced producing a deficiency in the function of the skin barrier and results in decrease permeability. Girly Girl Anti-Aging Restorative Night Cream provides an effective regenerating cellular treatment due to its essential fatty acids. The essential fatty acids are considered as important as vitamins for normal skin function.

The cream contains beeswax, oil of chia, vitamin E indispensibe for moisture and cellular cohesion of the epidermis, vitamin B5, wheat germ and other vitamins which act all together to fight free radicals which cause aging.

Apply every evening on perfectly cleansed skin by using a few dots of the cream on the face and neck. Massage gently in circular movements.

Regularly used, Our Anti-Aging Night Cream reduces dryness and roughness of the epidermis.


Wheatgerm Oil (Triticum aestivum)

This oil has a nutty aroma and is extracted by pressing or solvent extraction from the wheat "germ." It is a valuable source of Vitamin E, a natural antioxidant, and is more resistant to light and heat than vegetable oils. It helps relieve dermatitis symptoms, promotes skin cell formation, and improves blood circulation. Wheatgerm Oil is used to prevent and reduce scarring and speeds up healing of cuts and wounds. The wheat we know today is from a hybrid wild wheat that grew 10,000 years ago in the Middle East. The wheatgerm portion of wheat grain contains 25% of the protein along with many minerals and vitamins. Unfortunately, this is the portion that is milled away to produce white flour!

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