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Frequently Asked Questions About Skincare

Katrina VanDoran

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Skin Care Questions January 2007

What are some of the symptoms of rosacea?

Rosacea is a combination of skin symptoms, not simply acne seen in mid life. While not all people are going to experience all of the skin changes associated with Rosacea, experiencing more than one symptom at the same time is typical. The skin changes include: redness of the face, flushing, the presence of small blood vessels, acne, surface irregularities of the nose, skin sensitivity, enlarged sweat glands. Rosacea symptoms are diminished by controlling oil production, reducing inflammation, reducing cellular build-up and minimizing bacteria production on the skin. It is very important to have and to follow a skin cleansing routine. While you are out and about you may want to try using our new Bren Camouflage Corrector. A wonderful product for covering rosacea.

Hi yesterday I tried popping a clogged up pimple I had and I applied too much pressure and it took off a peice of the first layer of my skin! I was wondering if that was going to turn into a scar or a dark spot even if I didn't touch it?

Everyone's skin texture is different but I do not think that this will leave a scar or a dark spot. Even though it is recommended that you do not pop pimples, it is something that you just can't help but do. So in that case you should remember the following: Thoroughly cleanse your skin with cleanser and popping a pimple right after a shower is the best time to do so. Gently apply pressure over the pimple head. If material is expelled, absorb it with a clean tissue. Then press again to be sure all material is expelled. Wash the area again, thoroughly with anti-bacterial cleanser. Apply a clay type acne masque such as Colosé Green Clay Mask in a thick layer. Remove in 10 minutes. You may also want to apply Bren Heal and Conceal to the area. It is an excellent acne fighting product and contains Tea Tree Oil, a natural antiseptic, disinfectant and antibacterial.

Questions November 2006

hello, I was wondering if there was a way to make my skin look fair. Naturally I have a light olive complexion (which is almost sallow and dull) I prefer a fairer look over sun-tanned. Someone told me to dust babypowder over my face, but that was NOT a good powder does not spread nicley at all. I also tried a lightening cream to no avail...instead of the light skin it promised me I got pimples....that stuff ruined my skin! (its almost gone though) I hope you have some advice for me! thanks! -Stephanie

You are sort of on the right track with the powder, however, you should not use baby powder because it is a thick powder and as you learned did not spread well. You should try an ultra light powder though such as Bren Powder In A Brush. Also try using a very light foundation such as Colose Caprice. One thing you should always remember is when applying foundation and powder that is 2 or more shades lighter than your skin you will have to learn to blend, blend, blend otherwise you will have a foundation line that will really look unprofessional. Be sure to apply the powder on your neck and up to your ear. This may take some practice but I think you will get the effect you are looking for. Also be very careful when using skin lightening products as they can be more hazardous than just causing a pimple. They can affect the melanin in the skin. Please read our article entitled: The Darker Side of Skin Lighteners.

Questions May 2006

Hello, I am writing to see if you can answer a question for me. The pores on my legs are so big. I just shaved today and my legs are smooth but it does not look like I've shaved in a week. I was hoping you could help me solve my problem. Thanks a bunch!

It may help for you to try waxing as this removes the hair. However, if this does not help then your problem could be hereditary or the work of dead skin cells, oil, dirt and other particles surrounding the outside of the pore and even into the pore. The best way to remove this dirt is to exfoliate. I recommend you use Colosé Cosmetics Corporel Peeling Body Scrub. This product has tiny sand particles that exfoliate your body (not to be use on face). I would follow up with a Toner to help tighten the pores and reduce their appearance.

April 2006

Please inform me about the benefits of avocado, papaya, mandarine, calendula, aloe vera in the lotions.

Avocado Oil is rich in Vitamin A and D. It is a very moisturizing oil and especially beneficial for rash, eczema, mature skin, parched skin, and aging skin. Our Milk of Avocado is especially formulated for dry and sensitive skin.

Papaya is rich in vitamins C and E. It is a great exfoliating agent and is very effective in softening the skin. Used for normal and combination skin types.

Mandarine is rich in essentials oils that have a soothing and conditioning effect on the skin. It is very moisturizing and recommended for all skin types.

Calendula is also rich in essential oils that have a healing effect. It is often used in baby creams and lotions and is beneficial for repairing damaged skin. It is high in carotenoids, which aids the skin to become smooth and pliant.

Aloe Vera is known to stimulate the production of collagen and reduce inflammation. It is recommended for use in young skin prone to acne as well as aging skin.

Hi, I'm 25 yrs old and I live in Egypt. A couple of months ago my skin became really dry due to the cold winter and probably also the heaters at work/home. My moisturiser at the time (St. Ives Collagen & Elastin) did not seem to help at all and eventually I ended up with several fine lines & wrinkles under my eyes, which are making me look much older. I switched to Oil of Olay intense nourishing cream, which helped to moisturize my whole face very well. However, it seems that I am stuck with my extremely premature wrinkles, as they did not disappear with the dryness. I was never one to spend a lot of time in the sun. On the contrary, I usually avoid it and protect my skin from it when exposed for long periods. I just can't explain what happened and it seems that I can not find anyone who is able to explain it to me as it doesn't seem to happen to anyone else. I can't even find anyone with a similar situation on the net. It is becoming really depressing and I don't know what to do. I keep trying different anti-wrinkle creams & natural oils (oil of olay, nivea, olive oil, jojoba oil, almond oil) but nothing seems to be helping. I have little hope left that anything will actually make a difference & help me to get rid of them. I am also worried that the anti-wrinkle creams, being designed for older women, are not appropriate for my skin and that I might end up harming it rather than helping it. Since it seems I have a rare case, there is no cream or lotion available for premature wrinkles at my age. I can't seem to find an appropriate and effective solution to my condition and age. Please help!

Aging is not the only cause of eye wrinkles. The skin around the eye is very thin and delicate. Allergies can cause wrinkle because when you have itchy, irritated eyes there is a tendency to rub them thus stretching the skin around the eye. Smoking and stress can also produce premature wrinkles by drying out the skin and causing the loss of elasticity. And of couse the sun. Do not use soap on your face, rather use a Cleansing Milk or Cleansing Cream. Make sure you do not use toner with alcohol. You need to use a collagen cream such as Colosè Creme Miracle or Face Cream with Collagen. I like both of these creams because not only do they contain collagen and elastin but also proteins and shea butter which helps to firm and restore loose skin. Bren Body Butter is the ultimate hydrating cream. This soothing formula is blended with highly emollient natural oils, enriched with shea butter and anti-oxidants for maximum moisture retention and skin suppleness.

You will need to keep trying different creams until you are satisfied that a cream is actually helping you. Colosè also has two other creams that I highly recommend for sensitive and dry skin. They are Cream Sensitive and Day Cream Hydroactive. I have had a customer tell me that they have been searching for 1/2 a century for a cream and finally found it in Cream Sensitive.

Premature wrinkles can also be hereditary. Take a good look at the skin around your mom and grandmothers eyes. If there are deep wrinkles there you will have to be very diligent in your life time to do all you can to delay the signs of aging.

March 2006

I have Vitaligo and was using one Lancome product which did cover extremeley well. COLOR FOCUS Ombre mono finesse et tenue record Excepcional Wear Smooth Eye Colour LANCÔME Paris 204 Duel Soleil. Do you know what could be the Dermablend equivalent?

I believe that an equivalent dermablend color would be sand beige. However, I do not really understand how an eyeshadow can cover vitaligo. I would really like you to try special coverage by Bren Cosmetics. You would apply this corrector under your foundation and I think you will be very pleased with how it conceals. It is by far the best priced product of both the Lancome and the Dermablend products.

Hi, What is the role of an emulsion in skincare products?

The role of an emulsion in skincare products is to remove dead skin cells and deeply penetrated the skin to remove dirt and grime. Emulsions will leave your skin feeling smooth and refreshed.

January 2005

Hi, I'm 16 years old, I'm wondering if you have any kind of remedy or product that would reduce the visible pores on my nose, I've tried all sorts of pore cleansers and they do nothing for it... please help me! Thanks! :)

Great question! The reduction of pores begins with a cleansing routine. First, I recommend Lotion Nettoyage from Colosé Cosmetics from Switzerland. This cream contains coconut oil that will deeply clean your pores and eliminate blackheads. You need to apply this lotion onto your face for five (5) minutes then rinse off and treat with Toner. Toner is important because it causes the pores to close and because it has natural fruit acids it will slough away dead skin cells.

Twice a week you will need to apply a facemask treatment. For your condition I again recommend a product from Colosé Cosmetics. Masque Végétal is a rich herbal mask with St. John's Wort and Calendula. Both aid in the purification of your skin. Apply the mask for 15 minutes then rise off. You will need to do this for one month (skin cell turnover) for the best results.

I am 14 and always getting cold sores, and lots of spots, and I have blackheads, all my friends can't see them, but I feel very self-conscious about it, I avoid my boyfriend when I have them because I'm embarrassed about it, how can I get rid of them quickly I use face washes religiously but it doesn't seem to help, what do you suggest?

Cold sores will need to be treated with medication. You apply this medication directly onto the sore. Cold sores can be brought on by stress and hormonal changes. The active ingredient needed to treat the sore is Aciclovir (lips) so look for this to be in the cream.

Blackheads are a completely different story. The treatment of blackheads begins with a cleansing routine. You must follow this routine for several weeks in order to really see the reduction in stubborn blackheads. First, use a cleanser specially formulated to treat acne and blackheads. I recommend Lotion Nettoyage from Colosé Cosmetics from Switzerland. This cream contains coconut oil that will deeply clean your pores and eliminate blackheads. You need to apply this lotion onto your face for five (5) minutes then rinse off and treat with Toner. Toner is important because it causes the pores to close and because it has natural fruit acids it will slough away dead skin cells.

Twice a week you will need to apply a facemask treatment. For your condition I again recommend a product from Colosé Cosmetics. Masque Végétal is a rich herbal mask with St. John's Wort and Calendula. Both aid in the purification of your skin. Apply the mask for 15 minutes then rise off. You will need to do this for one month (skin cell turnover) for the best results.

October 2005

I have a brown skin complexion and have some discoloration on my skin, I wanted to know what product is the best for me to use so I can lighting my skin to match the rest of my body and how do I put it on, if I apply a discoloration with my bare hands will it mess up the complexion of my hands?

First, before you think about using skin lightening products you should read our article entitled, The Darker Side of Skin Lighteners.

If you would like to minimize the appearance of the discolorations on your skin, then I recommend you use two different shades of foundation, one that is the same color as your discoloration and one that is the same color of your skin. You want to place the foundation that is the same color as your skin on the discoloration area and you want to place the foundation that is the same color of your discoloration on the rest of your skin.

Using a sponge, blend the two areas together. Don't over blend. You want to minimize the area of contrast and not just make a new shade of foundation. The next step, loose powder, is an absolute must. The loose powder will set the two foundations in place and help them stay in place throughout the day. The loose powder will also help to cover the signs of blending and make for a smoother appearance.

I have combination skin, my pores are clearly visible, will getting a certain facial help reduce the size of my pores?

Facials that contain Clay (Kaolin) or sea weed or ocean/sand grains will help remove the deep down impurities and reduce the size of your pores. A toner that helps open pores, remove dirt and dead skin and then reopen the pores should follow your facial.

You can have professional facials done, which can be costly, or you can do your own facial at home. When people do facials at home they are called Mask treatments. Herbal Mask, Wheat Mask, Clarifying Mask, Green Clay Mask and Vitalizing Masks are some examples. For reducing pores I would recommend using a Green Clay Mask two times a week. It is also very important to have a daily cleansing routine to keep your pores clean and free of the dirt and make-up that cause pores to be more visible. For combination skin, I would recommend Crème de Nettoyage (Cleansing Cream) by Colosé Cosmetics.

I have dark shades under my eye how can I get rid of them?

Dark shadows are the plague us all. There a few products on the market called correctors that will make the shadows disappear. You need to find the right corrector for your problem. Make-up USA sells color correctors in their "Platinum Collection". Mint will neutralize redness, Alabaster covers dark circles on warm skin tones (this is probably most people), and Lavender gives a yellowish complexion a healthy glow and covers shadows/sallowness. Apply correctors after moisturizing and before foundation.


Do you have a skin care routine? The first thing you need to do is obtain a skin care routine. As we age, our skin loses moisture and tends to be dryer. We also lose Collagen. I recommend the following routine:

First cleanse with Colosé Cleansing Milk: it is formulated with Vitamins C and E, which will help stimulate the Collagen rejuvenating process. Next, you need to tone your skin with a Toner free of alcohol. This will remove any dead skin cells and freshen your look. If you want a great mask treatment, try Colosé's Vitalizing Mask, which can be used as a mask or as a quick booster to tighten the skin. If you choose not to do a mask, you will then need to moisturize with either a moisturizing milk or a cream treatment. I would recommend for the vertical lines an application twice a day of Miracle Cream around your lips, eyes and neck. Use light massaging motions until the cream is absorbed into your skin.

The last step is to apply your make-up. Again, it is important to avoid foundations that leave your skin dry, so look for a moisturizing foundation. You will need to use a lip liner around the outer edge of your lips, this will help to make them appear fuller and prevent lipstick color from bleeding into your lines. I would recommend a liner and a lipstick in similar shades of pink or rose. You want more muted colors for your lips and a color that blends well with your current lip color. The worst thing you can do is use bright red or berry colors. Those will draw attention to your lips and those colors tend to bleed into the wrinkles regardless of a lip liner.


Questions September 2005

Hi! I am 42 and always looked very young. During the past year I have aged a lot and I am developing some deep vertical lip lines. I take pretty good care of my skin but I must have done some serious sun damage to my skin in my younger days to have caused such a drastic change in my looks. What can I do?

You must faithfully do a daily skincare routine for aging skin. Approximately 90% of all changes in skin are due to prolonged exposure to sunlight. Ultraviolet light not only damages the DNA in the cells of the skin, but also inhibits the repair mechanisms that repair damaged skin cells. The breakdown or depletion of DNA, collagen, Elastin, hyaluronic acid and other supporting molecules in the dermis all lead to the clinical changes of facial aging. Wrinkles usually take 30 years to develop and are slow to remove. Most topical products are designed to moisturize and hydrate the skin, lessen fine lines, reduce roughness and pigmentation, and protect the skin from sun damage.

Colosé Skin Care products are designed to lessen fine lines around the eyes and on the face. However, there are ways you can also lessen the changes of facial aging without spending a lot of money.

  1. Stop Smoking. Smoking can cause a dramatic increase in aging and wrinkles of the face. A one pack a day smoker will save $750.00 a year by stopping smoking.
  2. Avoid Sun Exposure. Protect your face and arms by wearing clothes with long sleeves, a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen
  3. Eat a balanced diet.
  4. Get 8 hours of sleep each night and maintain a happy outlook. Think Positive!
  5. Drink 8 glasses of water a day.
  6. Take a daily vitamin with ample quantities of Vitamin C and E.
  7. If you have dry skin, moisturize, moisturize and moisturize.
  8. Glycolic acid an alpha-hydroxy acid from the sugarcane plant has been shown to reduce the fine lines of aging and to reduce blotchy pigmentation on the face.
  9. Vitamin C creams and lotions. Creams containing Vitamin C have been proven to increase collagen production and reduce the damaging effects of the sun.

What would you suggest to cover up dark facial hair?

To cover up dark facial hair, I would suggest a loose powder that is close to your skin tone or translucent. You can also use a compact powder. The loose powder will adhere to the hairs and blend them with your skin tone. However, if this doesn't work, I would recommend trying to remove the hair either with laser surgery or with electrolysis.

What will cover up my discoloration on my forehead best?

Depending on the severity of the discoloration, you may want to try something like Dermablend, which will cover, even tattoos. If the discoloration is red in color, you want to try Highlighter by Colosé. This product is great for covering redness and shadows. The Compact Cream Powder Concealer by Colosé is also a great choice. It covers minor blemishes and discolorations well.

Questions August 2005

I have a fair complexion, and on my upper lip and chin I have tiny black hairs that are quite embarrassing. They're not too prominent, but I'd still like to get rid of them permanently or else slow them down. Is there something I could use instead of laser treatment?

Electrolysis is the next best treatment to permanately remove hair. It is done using electricity to kill the hair follicle. It may take one or more treatments to completely remove the hair.

What can I use for my face to be smooth and fresh?

For your skin to be smooth and fresh you will need a cleansing/skin care routine. I recommend the following for a great fresh look:

First, cleanse with either a Cleansing Cream or Cleansing Lotion that will remove the dirt, dead skin cells and make-up that are inside of your pores. The second, and very important step in having a fresh look is to use a Toner without Alcohol. The Colosé toner contains natural fruit acids that gently slough away dead skin and cells and causes pores to close, then gradually reopen resulting in an improved appearance. Follow this step with a Milk of Mandarines moisturizer with natural fruit oils for a fresh appearance.

I am peeling from sunburn, but it's a weird sort of peeling. The normal dry, flaky skin is coming off, but it results in my pigment showing. My mom says it will blend in, but do you have any solutions to help it blend in SOON! Thanks

If your pigment is showing then it means you had a very severe sunburn. Don't let this happen again as it may lead to skin damage and later skin cancer. Your mother is right and your skin will naturally heal itself. Do not pick the skin off, let it come off on its own, otherwise you may run the risk of scaring (similar to if you pick at a scab). You can try to exfoliate gently with Corporal Peeling Body Scrub and Moisturize using Milk of Banana or Milk of Calendula for dry skin.

I think I've damaged the follicles on part of my eyebrows because it's been ages (at least a few months) and there's nothing growing back. Is there anything I can do about it to help it grow back?

This is a real problem. Eyebrows are very sensitive. Once you wax or pluck them, they will never be the same. Some people have them grow back instantly and others never have the hair grow back. There is nothing you can do to stimulate the re-growth of eyebrow hair. No products are available on the market and you can't transplant the hair because then it would look like head hair. The only solution is to fill in the eyebrow line with eyebrow pencil. Choose a color that best matches your natural eyebrow color.

How can I make the pores on my face look smaller or even gone? My pores are really big and I find it difficult to get the look I desire.

Most enlarged pores on the face are the result of hereditary factors more than anything else. You really cannot make the pores disappear. You will have to create the illusion of a poreless complexion. Apply foundation, concealer, powder and blush in a downward motion, otherwise you'll accentuate pores by pushing color up and into them. For a temporary fix, especially for a special event, I recommend using Colosé Serum Vital Lifting. It tightens and tones the surface layer, refreshs, moisturizes and firms your skin. With the first application the skin becomes even, smooth and has a radiant appearance. The tightness last approximately 4 to 6 hours and definitely makes your pores seem much smaller or even gone. Apply before makeup and let completely dry.

How do I get rid of dark circles under the eyes? They are grayish black and very prominent and they make me look sleepless and tired.

For a quick fix you will have to use a concealer. To treat the dark circles you should use a cream that reduces skin discolorations such as Colosé Cream with Alpha Hydroxy Acids. The fruit acids beautify the skin and evens out skin tone. Undereye circles are due to the thinness of the skin beneath the eyes, which is greater in some individuals than others. The thin skin allows dark, venous blood to show through. They are usually genetic in nature.

My knees and elbows are so much different in color than the rest of my body they are darker and I'm embarresed to wear short skirts what to do?

My knees and elbows are very dark. Rubbing lemon hasn't helped. Please suggest something that would help. Thank you.

Papaya is a great exfoliating agent and is very effective in softening the skin on the elbows and knees. I recommend using Colosé Milk of Papaya and again, I highly recommend Colosé Cream with Alpha Hydroxy Acids. Rub the cream on your elbows and knees every day. Our body scrub contains little sandgrains that quickly and gently remove dead skin cells and blemishes. Skin gets a fresh glow and feels like silk. For extreme discolorations, you may have to use a skin bleaching agent. Before doing so though please read our article on Skin Bleaching.

What can I do to cover my wrinkles, pimples and blackheads? How can I get a very good blend of makeup (I have a chocolate coloured skin ). How do I apply a concealer?

Please read the answer below as your questions are similar. Gently apply a little concealer with your fingertips. Our concealer, though matt consistency, is very creamy but you can even make it more creamy by adding a few dots of moisturizer to your face as you apply the concealer. I prefer to apply the concealer first and then the foundation, but I know a lot of people do just the opposite. Do everything lightly at first as it is much easier to add more than to try to remove it. Be very gentle around your eyes as the skin is delicate and thin in this area. Rather than just trying to cover pimples and blackheads, you should also get down to the reasons why you have them and treat them with cleansing products and face masks made especially to rid your complexion of them. For wrinkles I highly recommend our Collagen Cream or Cream with Q10.

I am African American, I would say that I am the same color of skin as Beyonce and Halle Berry. I was wondering what kinds of make-up do they wear or what kind would you suggest that I try. I have oily skin and make-up always darkens on me after a couple of hours because of the oil production in my skin. Also I have undereye circles can you tell me the best product to camouflage them. Thanks.

Well unfortunately I do not know what kind of makeup Beyoncé or Halle Berry use. But I will tell you this, Colosé makeup has been chosen for the past two years to represent the faces in the Miss Finland Beauty Pageant. And, of course, we recommend our makeup. You should try our Soleil Foundation and Terre de Soleil compact cream powder. For undereye circles please try our compact cream powder concealer. The color will look too light for you, but it is made for all skin tones and you will be pleasantly surprised how well it blends in and covers dark circles. You should also treat your oily skin by using cleansing products made especially for oily skin and also a cream to decrease the appearance of dark circles such as our Cream Miracle. I recommend Milk of Aloe for a day moisturizer.

Can I reduce the appearance of broken red capillaries around my eyes without using chemicals or laser treatment?

You may want to try Colosé Milk of Calendula Moisturizer. Calendula helps damaged blood vessels to seal, stopping bleeding and preventing bruising. Its anti-inflammatory, wound healing and sedative properties are used frequently in cosmetics.

What can I use on my lips such as sunscreen to prevent cold sores/herpes?

Too much sun can trigger a cold sore if the virus is already in your system. So yes, using sunscreen can help to prevent a cold sore. Cold sores are common. But though you can't cure or prevent cold sores, you can take steps to reduce their frequency and to limit the duration of an occurrence. If you have ever had a cold sore, then the virus is in your system and lies dormant until something triggers it. You usually feel a tingling sensation near your lip a couple of days before a cold sore blister appears. You can take steps to guard against cold sores, to prevent spreading them to other parts of your body or to avoid passing them along to another person:

  • Avoid kissing and skin contact with people while blisters are present. The virus can spread as long as there are moist secretions from your blisters.
  • Avoid sharing items. Utensils, towels and other items can spread the virus when blisters are present.
  • Keep your hands clean. Wash your hands carefully before touching another person when you have a cold sore. Be careful about touching other parts of your body. Your eyes and genital area may be particularly susceptible to spread of the virus.
  • Avoid triggers. Situations that can trigger cold sores include too much exposure to the sun. Use sunblock. Apply sunblock to your lips and face before prolonged exposure to the sun — during both the winter and the summer — to help prevent cold sores.

Some people have written to us saying that applying Alpine Herbal Ointment helps to quickly heal the lip area. There have been no studies on this though to confirm. If you try the ointment, please email us back with your results.

Is "non-acnegenic" on the cosmetic products includes "not clogging pores" as well?

Non-acnegenic is a term that denotes a product has been tested and proven not to cause blemishes. The product itself will not clog pores. But, if you already have clogged pores the product itself will not unclog them. You will have to use cleansing products especially made for clogged pores to clear your skin.

Hi, I have a dark bluish-green birth mark on top of my right eye and forhead. "It`s pretty big." I am very ashamed of it and have not worn my hair up and out in public for the last 6 years. I`ve been trying to find all sorts of make up to cover it up so that I can finally wear my hair up for the first time in public, but nothing seems works. As a kid, growing up was the hardest thing ever. I just wish for once I can just wear up my hair in public and look normal and most of all BEAUTIFUL. It`s sad. I use to cry about my birth mark all the time and ask my mother, "Why me?. I hate it so much!" For once I just want to be beautiful and be able to wear my hair up. I am tire of looking ugly. Please help me and tell me what I can do to cover this horrible image up. Thank you. -faith-

I recommend that you try Dermablend Cover Creme. You can achieve flawless coverage for scars, Port Wine birthmarks, varicose veins, vitiligo, and age spots. With built-in sun protection (SPF 30), this product is perfect as an everyday makeup foundation. Dermablend Cover Creme is suitable for all skin types, and is waterproof and smudge-resistant. 20 Shades. Please read our article on corrective cosmetics.


Yes, even products that are advertised as all natural usually contain preservatives such as paraben. You know, because of some of the creams you are putting on your face that you should stay out of the sun. I would like to recommend Colosé Sunscreen for you but the highest sun factor we have is 19. Since you have already tried some of the most popular sunscreens on the market I suggest you try a sunscreen product that is made especially for baby skin such as Kids Spectra3 SPF 50 made by Coppertone. It is Pediatrician tested, and helps protects children while they have fun in the sun. It is formulated with Aloe, Vitamins A, C & E. and moisturizes and hydrates sun-exposed skin and has a sun factor of 50. I feel you should use a sun factor of 30 plus because of your use of a retinol cream.

I have very bad scares on my legs and hair bumps too. I was wondering if you knew somewhere I could buy some concealer for my legs and some type of chemical that opens up the pores on my legs so that the hair will grow. thank you

Several times a week apply steam for 5 to 10 minutes to open up pores and loosen the plugs clogging the pores. Exfoliate regularly to remove dead skin, sebum and plugged pores. You will need to exfoliate your legs with a product that contains tiny sand grains, or something that will help gently remove dead skin cells. I recommend Peeling Corporal Body Scrub by Colosé Skin Care. It contains the tiny sand grains and will leave your skin feeling smooth. You may also want to try Dermablend Leg and Body Cover Cream. I advise you to consult a dermatologist to get an assessment of your leg scars and hair bumps.

I have scars on my legs since I was 6. I really want them to fade away because I can't wear skirts at all. I'm only fourteen.

It is unlikely that your scars will just fade away after all this time. You may want to try some concealer type products over the scars or perhaps a treatment cream containing alpha hydroxy acids as the acids beautify the skin by exfoliating dead skin cells and improving the texture of rough, damaged skin. Colosé has a cream with AHAs that we recommend. Also try Peeling Corporal Body Scrub by Colosé Skin Care. It contains tiny sand grains and will leave your skin feeling smooth. You may also want to try Dermablend Leg and Body Cover Cream. I advise you to consult a dermatologist to get an assessment of your leg scars

How can I get rid of a cold sore quickly and effectively? I am a bridesmaid at a wedding in 3 days and I am really self concious about my sore!

We recommend Alpine Herbal Ointment.

I`m african american. I feel my skin has gotten too dark and I want to know a natural way to lighten it up. I was light skinned as a child to about age 9 or 10. Now I`m darker than brown skinned.

There is really no way to naturally lighten up one's skin. The color of skin is determined my melanin. "Fairer, radiant skin", "A healthy and lovely complexion..." — these are some of the claims made by skin-lightening products. But the real effects can be anything but healthy and lovely. Skin lighteners are used to lighten the skin. Most contain a bleaching agent, hydroquinone, also found in some hair dyes. Hydroquinone inhibits the production of melanin and, over time, can lighten the skin. Melanin protects the skin against the harmful effects of the sun so to inhibit its production can leave you vulnerable to skin cancer. Also, with a decrease of melanin and sun exposure, your skin can turn blotchy and even darker than it originally was. Before you try anything drastic, please read our article on Skin Lighteners.

I have this problem where I see myself so ugly. I always wish that I looked different, I wish my eyes were bigger, or my lips were smaller. I hate my face shape, its round like a ball, my nose is small, I'm short, fat and I hate my skin color. What do I do to make this different? I don't want to put on make-up to feel sexy, I want to be natural. I feel like I'm so old, I'm 23, and I have no hope in life anymore. I look in the mirror and UGHH, what an ugly person I see. I see pretty girls and wish I looked like them. Please help me. Thank you.

Please first accept who you are. You can then enhance your best features using make-up while not enhancing the features you dislike. First you can make your eyes appear bigger with the proper application of eyeliner, mascara and eye shadow. I recommend you read one of the books about beauty and how to apply make-up. It is also important that you are healthy in mind and spirit, not just look healthy from the outside. Please talk with someone about the issues in your life that have given you such a low opinion of your self. Oprah Winfrey is an excellent example of a person that started out with tragic beginnings, had very poor self esteem, disliked her looks and was overweight. She took control of her life in her late twenties, maybe even into her thirties and now look at her! You can do the same. I suggest you read anything and everything about her and make her your role model.

I have a dark skin tone, and I was wondering how I can get rid of pores because it looks like I have holes in my face. Also I was wondering if there's a really good lotion out there to keep my face toned. Thank you

The best way to get rid of large pores is to begin a cleansing and moisturizing skin care routine. First, cleanse with either a Cleansing Cream or Cleansing Lotion that will remove the dirt, dead skin cells and make-up that are inside of your pores. The second, and very important step in the reduction of pore size is to use a Toner without Alcohol. The Colosé toner contains natural fruit acids that gently slough away dead skin and cells and causes the pores to close, then gradually reopen resulting in an improved appearance. Follow this step with a Milk of Aloe moisturizer with Vitamins A and E and Aloe Vera. These ingredients promote healing and are especially good for people prone to acne. Twice a week after you cleanse, do a treatment mask. I recommend a Green Clay Mask or Herbal Mask that will help open pores and eliminate the excess sebum that clogs pores and causes blackheads. Follow the mask with the Toner and Moisturizer.

I have a tan at the moment and I would like to get rid of it. It's not chemical, I actually got it this summer by being outdoors. I'm already tan to begin with and I dont like the extra color. Any suggestions?

You will need to exfoliate your entire body with a product that contains tiny sand grains, or something that will help gently remove dead skin cells. It is the top layer of skin that is tan, so over time and with some help by exfoliating, you will go back to a lighter color. I recommend Peeling Corporal Body Scrub by Colosé Skin Care. It contains the tiny sand grains and will leave your skin feeling like silk and give you a fresh glossy look.

After getting the chicken poxs I had a mark on my face and I was wondering how to get rid of it (the brown part) of course I cant fix the indented part, but it is also brown. What can I do? I have had that mark for 13 years?

I recommend speaking with a dermatologist or a cosmetic surgeon and try to have the mark removed. This may be expensive, so ask about their rates first. Outside of that suggestion, you can use Hydrogen Peroxide solution mixed with water. Only use the Hydrogen Peroxide on the mark on your face and not on your entire face. Test the solution in another area of your body to see if it causes any reaction prior to using it on your mark. You may need to play with the ratio of solution to water. Diluting the solution with water will reduce your chance of skin irritation. Of course, if your skin shows irritation, don't try it on your face!

How do you get rid of spots and how are they made?

As people age, unsightly blemishes, commonly called liver spots, can appear on the face and on the back of the hands. Another upsetting change for many mature adults is the loss of smoothly contoured hands. Dermatologic surgeons can improve both of these distressing conditions safely and effectively with excellent results.

Liver spots, also called lentigines or lentigos, are sharply defined, rounded, brown or black, flat patches of skin. The epidermis (top surface layer) is expanding with more pigment, developing what looks like a large freckle. One may appear by itself, or as a few clustered together. Many people have a hereditary predisposition to them. While liver spots may develop at an early age, even in childhood, they are more common in older people, especially those who have spent too much time in the sun.

Although nothing can be done about the role heredity plays, excessive exposure to the sun should be avoided - a precaution that will diminish the threat of skin cancer as well as protect your skin from sun-damage. To moderate exposure, the skin should be protected by a sunscreen having minimum SPF of 15.

Treatment of liver spots is usually performed by a dermatologic surgeon in the office or other outpatient facility. Results can be permanent if a sunscreen is used continuously after removal. Following are common treatment approaches:

Sunscreens: The simplest treatment to protect the skin from further damage and worsening of the spots is use of a sunscreen. Sunscreen is also important after other treatment methods so the spots will not recur.

Bleaching Creams, Tretinoin, and Alpha-hydroxy Acids, topical applications prescribed by a physician to fade small spots. Treatment normally takes anywhere from two months to a year or longer.

Cryosurgery: A dermatologic surgeon freezes the skin tissue with liquid nitrogen to remove liver spots and skin growths.

Peeling: A chemical solution is applied to peel away the blemished skin. The face and hands usually heal in one to two weeks.

Dermabrasion: The skin is sanded lightly with a special instrument to remove the spot. Upon healing, which normally takes a week or so, the liver spot is gone.

Laser Surgery: New techniques with various lasers are used to remove the spots. A beam of laser light is directed at the liver spots to selectively eliminate the damaged skin.

Colose Cosmetics and Skin Care makes a product containing Alpha-Hydoxy acids called Treatment Cream with AHA. It is a cream that will improve texture of rough, damaged skin and help to even out skin discolorations.

My legs are horribly pale and when I burn and it fades to a tan its light, so light you can't tell its there. I have family history of skin cancer. How can I tan so it's effective and safe?

No, you cannot tan so its effective and safe. All tanning is harmful to the skin. With you being so fair and having a history of skin cancer in your family, I would avoid tanning at all cost. The best way to have the appearance of a tan is to use the self-tanning lotions which will stain your skin for a few days with tan color. Gone are the days that self tanning made you orange. They now make self-tanners especially for fair, medium and dark skin tones. Neutrogena makes a good self tanner and so does Colose Cosmetics and Skin care called Auto-Bronzant - self tanning emulsion.

Respected, I'm male. I'm having less pimples, but having problems of black heads, tried 2 consult all skin dermatologis. But zero result. Only problem of blackheads, please specify household tips, or such a cream available in India.

Colose Cosmetics and Skin care ships to India. I would recommend that you start with Lotion Nettoyage, a cleansing lotion that removes blackheads. Use this twice a day and leave it on your face for 5 minutes before rinsing off. I would follow with Toner, to remove the dead skin cells and freshen the face. Twice a week you should apply a Green Clay Mask or Herbal Mask to open pores and remove blackheads.

Went to Florida in March, and got a strange tan on my easy-to-tan face. But now when I get in the sun, the skin above my lip turns dark. It only does this most when I'm in direct sunlight. Can you tell me what has happened to my skin?

Most likely your skin was exposed to sunlight when you didn't have sunscreen protection for the area above your lip. It is possible any coverage including your make-up may have rubbed off, possibly while eating. Melanin is a pigment that gives skin a color from pink through brown to black. People are different colors because their skin contains different amounts of melanin.

Melanin protects skin from Ultra Violet radiation. When skin is exposed to the sun, more melanin is produced and the skin darkens. The skin above your lip has more deposits of melanin than the rest of your face.

I'm using an acne treatment I bought at the drugstore for the pimples I have all over my forehead. My forehead is now peeling, but I don't want to stop using the treatment because it really is working. It's drying out the pimples but the skin also. We can't afford to buy anything expensive. What do I do? Thank you so much!

Peeling skin is a side effect of very strong treatments. If it is working, that's great. However, I would suggest you limit the use of this product. You may be using it too frequently for your problem. Try using it every other day. You can also apply a moisturizer, Milk of Aloe from Colosé Skincare, which is specially formulated for oily or acne prone skin.

I have dull skin that I'm working on getting to glow. But I've heard that a toner should be used every night. But don't these fry the skin? What exactly do toners do? Thanks!

The main role of toner is to completely remove dead skin cells and alkali residue so that the skin can breathe correctly. The balanced acidity of the toner restores the skin's normal pH resulting in smooth, clean and refreshed skin. Avoid toner with alcohol to avoid "frying your skin". Apply after every face and neck cleansing using a cotton pad, ball or tissue well soaked with toner. Avoid the eyes.

Im a light skin person, but my face seems to be red at sometimes, what do I do to keep my face from changing colors, I've been trying skin lightening creams and I don't see any results.

There are so many reasons why your face may turn red sometimes- physical exertion, skin reactions due to environment -like allergies, heat and cold, and even changes in the way you feel. Skin lightening creams usually will not work unless you think the cause of the skin changes is due to sun. I recommend you begin a skin care routine that will help you have a soft, smooth and even look. I would begin with a cleanser, then a toner, a moisturizer followed by application of make-up. A foundation will even out the redness and a concealer will help hide areas of increased redness. Follow the application of your foundation and concealer with a loose powder. The powder sets the foundation and concealer in place for all day coverage.

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